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The following publications were composed during my time at university.
They cover a range of topics from state/local government to artificial intelligence.
With an emphasis on technology, its use, and effects.

Artificial Intelligence Security Public Policy

Presents a detailed political and economic analysis of the challenges brought forth by Artifical Intelligence (AI). Focuses on safely assimilating AI for plantary use.

Date authored: 11/7/2016

Automating Software Deployment

Identifies and contrasts the different options of automating software deployment. Case study done on Knight Capital Group's deployment failure that caused them, the largest trader in the US equites market, to go bankrupt in a mere 45 minutes.

Date authored: 4/29/2017

Education Policy in the US

Discusses the current state, direction, and future of the United State education system. Touches on a number of topics such as quality of educators, exploring alternative schooling options, and the economic state of the education system.

Date authored: 5/3/2017

Utilizing Microorganisms for Alternative Fuels

Proposes microorganisms that can be used as a source of renewable energy. It illustrates how the organism Candidatus Frackibacter may be utilized in fracking, in addition to Haloferax Volcanii and Natrialba Magadii in microbial fuels cells.

Date authored: 4/5/2017

Patterns of Service Oriented Architecture

Explores the complexities of modern day software systems and how a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) can aid in the organization of a businesses technology stack(s). Also touches on the Mediator design pattern and Aspected-Oritented development, core principals that drive SOA.

Date authored: 4/30/2017